How To Drop That Extra 10-20lbs in 4 Weeks Without Crazy Dieting and Insane Exercise:

The simple program to jumpstart your metabolism and feel better than ever!

Don’t spend another miserable second frustrated with a lack of results from your efforts. You deserve better!

Let's fast forward to 4 weeks from now:

  • Do nothing and be 4 weeks slower
  • 4 weeks heavier
  • Be more discouraged than ever


You could take action today and:

  • Lose that extra 10-20lbs
  • Jumpstart your metabolism
  • Feel better about yourself than ever before


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Hi, My Name Is Coach Joe Rouse

I was once just like you, struggling with extra weight and all the body image and confidence issues that come along with it.

  • I was in college full time
  • I was working fulltime in retail
  • I had a second part time job
  • I had a child on the way
  • Struggling through two internships

What I ate became more of a stress reliever than a way to support my stressful lifestyle so that I could take that lifestyle head on! I had always exercised. In fact, I was doing what I was taught by other professionals and I wasn’t getting anywhere consistently. I had to dig a bit deeper. Deeper not only into myself but also into the research.

What I found was required for successful fitness and fat loss was actually quite simple. The challenging aspect was getting consistent behavior change to make it happen.

In the past 2 years as a Master’s prepared fitness professional and Precision Nutrition Super Coach, I’ve tested and tweaked these methods to find the fastest and simplest formula to help you drop that extra 10-20lbs.

I’ve finally put together the perfect combination of:

  • Strength Training
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Support

to help busy parents like you reach your goals even when you've failed in the past.

Introducing the 28 Day Jumpstart Program

Jumpstart your metabolism by training like an athlete! Here at Breakaway, we feel that everyone is an athlete. Some are athletes on the field or court while others are an athlete in the game of life. Struggling through the rigorous competition that is daily life. With our performance training approach, in as little as 3-4 hours per week, you can drop that 10-20 extra pounds and keep it off for good!

Here's The Results You Should Expect

  • You Will Learn How To Eat Supportivly For An Active Lifestyle

    We understand that we only get you 3-4 hours per week and that what you learn with us should extend beyond those 3-4 hours in the gym!

  • Have More Energy All Day Long

    You will always leave our training sessions feeling better and more energized than when you came because we understand your life is lived outside the gym.

  • Build Relationships With Other Folks Just like You.

    You will be surrounded by a group of highly supportive people sharing similar goals and going through similar struggles. Not to mention, the coaches got yo back!

  • Achieve More Physically Then Ever Before

    Each of our coaches are equipped with a university level education in exercise science and years of experience with clients just like you!

  • You Will Be Able To Show Up And Forget Everything Else

    We know that life is stressful and sometimes you want to be able to “relieve” stress without someone screaming in your ear. Our coaches will to meet you where you are on a given day to help you reach your goals.

  • You Will Actually Enjoy Training And Look Forward To Coming Back

    You will never be bored by our programming as we change things up enough to keep it fun but keep it consistent enough for you to get a little better every day!

Here's What You Get

Daily Accountability To Keep You Motivated and On Track

Each day of the 28 Day Jumpstart Program, we’ll be reaching out to you through email with special tips to help accelerate your results, hold you accountable, and keep you motivated!

Access To Our Revolutionary Group Training Program

During this 28 Day Program we want you to experience the programming and more importantly, the results we can get you to the fullest extent! Therefore you have the option to access our group training program from 3-unlimited times per week!

Unlimited Access To Our Coaches

Between in person discussions, the private facebook support group, and email, you will have unlimited access to our college educated staff.


Nutritional Coaching To Increase Your Chance For Success Beyond The 28 Days

With our certified nutritional coaches, you will learn behavioral change techniques to help accelerate your fat loss goals that will last for the long haul.

Goal Setting 101 Training

Setting goals is easy right? It is! Sticking to them, not so much. We utilize behavioral change methods which are simple to implement and more importantly, effective.

Movement Success Session

Along with your Goal Setting 101 Training we will take 1 full hour to go through the basic movements of our programming so that when you start training with the group, you will be 100% up to speed and ready to do your best.

Here's What Clients Like You Have To Say About Us

Dawn Blackley

As of today, I have been off the medicine 2 months and am down almost 40 lbs since I started working out with you. My kidney and liver test are back to normal levels, and I feel better than I have in years. My total weight lose in the last 7 months is is 58 lbs.  I look forward to our continued success, and I cant wait to take this picture in another 6 months and hopefully reach my goal of 100lbs down!!!

Dawn Blackley

Leslie Richardson

I LOVE Breakaway! I am amazed by the results I have had in just two short months. I love the personalized instruction, the optimistic and helpful staff, and the camaraderie of the group dynamic. I really enjoy my time spent at Breakaway, and I have never liked working out before. I feel stronger, more confident, and healthier overall. Thank you!

Leslie Richardson

Carrie Bailey

I love Breakaway! Never in my life have I been so looking forward to exercise. It has always been a task that needs to get done, but is often neglected. Now I fit my schedule (and kids' schedules) to accommodate my workouts, so it has become a top priority. I feel so much better and am sharing all the great knowledge I learn to help my husband and kids live healthier too. I am so thankful for the training and compassion that I have experienced from the Breakaway Fitness family!

Carrie Bailey

Here's What It Costs

$89.00(Regularly $150. Save 50%)
  • Daily Accountability To Keep You Motivated and On Track
  • 3x/Week Access To Our Revolutionary Group Training Program
  • Unlimited Access To Our Coaches
  • An Easy Done For You Meal Plan
  • Goal Setting 101 Training
  • Movement Success Session


Imagine what it will be like 4 weeks from now when you can play soccer with your kids and not feel tired OR rock that new outfit to work and get compliments on how great you look OR look in the mirror and feel like you did the last time you were at the top of your game.

Don’t let yourself spend another miserable second frustrated with a lack of results from your efforts. You deserve better. Your solution is right here, right now, so take action today.


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