5 Quick Tips To Eat Out For Goals (or GAINZ)

In case you haven’t heard, we have an awesome nutritional guidance program here at BFP. No, we aren’t dietitians and we don’t claim to be or try to do their job. We do however help folks lose weight and gain muscle as long as it’s for general health purposes and not disease management, this program works great. We’ve piloted it on several clients and have several folks going through it and we’ve learned a few things.

Any time we learn stuff, we want to share with you all. That can only help make us all better right? One thing we’ve learned quickly is that the most effective way for someone to have an idea if what their doing is working or not is to assess regularly.

For us, we have a unique opportunity to assess regularly and get much deeper than weight. We have a machine called the Inbody 270. With this, we can measure body fat mass, weight, and muscle mass and be nearly as accurate as a DEXA Bone Density scan at the doctor’s office. In fact many NFL teams use this machine. It’s pretty sick!



Anyway, with our VIP nutrition clients, we prefer to assess every 2 weeks. Disclaimer: you don’t always see CRAZY amazing results in 2 weeks. In fact, I wrote an entirely separate blog on what “reasonable” results are. You might be surprised. With this regular assessment we can routinely assess the results or outcomes of our combined efforts. This gives us the routine feedback we need in order to make adjustments in your program. Which brings me to why I wrote this blog. To share new stuff we learn! This is somewhat new anyway..

Secret #1: Most adjustments aren’t made due to little mistakes but due to a lack of adherence to a program. At least on the level that it takes to get results. I get it. It’s tough. It’s tough to eat a palm or 2 of protein, fist of veggies and cupped handful of healthy carbs, and maybe some fat at every meal. In fact, at most restaurants, it can be darn near impossible. Most meals at most restaurants include 3 asparagus sticks, a shriveled piece of chicken, and a TON of rice. These are decent components but not quite in the ratio most people need. This is a hurdle in the way of the adherence track. Let’s talk about it.



Let’s say you prioritize social time quite high. Sometimes higher than your fitness goals. Therefore, you eat out often. Maybe you have a job where you travel a lot so you have to eat out often, in this blog I’m going to give you 3 quick strategies to help you eat out the best you can, enjoy your food, and still make progress towards your goals.

Restaurants design their meals based on “typical” customer expectations. Well, if you are part of the BFP Family, you aren’t typical. No. In fact you have started to learn that in order to reach your goals as well as support your physical lifestyle, you might need a little more protein than what they recommend and a little less carbs (maybe). This goes for women almost more than men.

Tip #1: Don’t order the typical meal. Change it up and order specifically what you want based on one of their templates. Well how do I do that? Like this:

-Order extra protein

-Say no to the starchy carbohydrate (unless you just got done training) (for most but not all people)

-Add and extra serving of veggies

Finally, inquire about other areas of the meal like sauces, breading, and oils. These can really drive up the calorie count of a meal and keep you from getting where you are trying to go.

Tip #2: Use the 5 Habits. What are they?:

1: Eat Slowly: Check in with hunger, sit down, relax and take your time. 15-20mins for a meal is about right. Stop eating when you are about 80% full.

2: Protein At Every Meal: Are you about to eat at least 1 palm-sized portion of protein for women and 2 for men?

3: Veggies At Every Meal: Are you about to eat 1 or 2 fist sized servings of veggies?

4: What Carbs: If you have fat to lose but haven’t worked out, eat less pasta, bread, rice, and other starchy carbs. Opt for a double serving of veggies instead. If you just worked out, adding in some starchy carbs is fine.

5: Where Are Your Fats: You need some fat. Where are you getting it? About 1 thumb size for women and 2 thumbs for men. If you have an oil based salad dressing, no need to add fat. Make sure you are getting fats from specific places though. Think eggs, lean meats, fish, olives, nuts and seeds.

Tip #3: Choose Compliant Restaurants:

If you eat out regularly in a particular area of town, pick 4 restaurants in that area that prepare meals in a way that conforms to your nutritional plan. Choose from the following:

-2 Fast food places

-1 Medium priced restaurant (Like Chili’s)

-1 Higher priced restaurant (Business lunch type place)

For example, a solid fast food choice would be Wendy’s. They’ve got some tasty chicken salads and a chili that can satisfy most cravings. Even McDonalds has some healthier options now adays. However, if you have trouble resisting temptation, I’d stay away from McDonalds. That place is built to pure you in for the McFlurry!

Tip #4: Scope out menus ahead of time

By having restaurant menus in advance, you will know exactly what food to order before you get there and be less likely to be tempted for the giant burger with onion rings.

Tip #5: Bring a powdered veggies supplement (NOT A MULTIVITAMIN)

This is a big one and can help keep your appetite in check and get you a ton of vitamins and minerals that are more than likely missing from your meal.

This is simply powdered supplement made entirely of veggies. There are tons of good options on the market. They are probably a necessary supplement for most folks but are one of the least talked about. They can be used in shakes but can also just be added to a bottle of water and drank at your desk. We like Advocare Advogreens supplement.

It tastes good and is made of all kinds of good stuff including kale, spinach, and brocoli! I know that sounds nasty but they use all natural Stevia to sweeten it and it actually does taste good.

Well, there ya go! 5 tips to hp you overcome one of the most common hurdles we run into on a daily basis here at BFP with our VIP Nutrition Coaching Folks. If you’d like more information on our VIP Nutrition Coaching Program, fel free to email us at info@breakawayfitnessandperformance.com!








Coach Joe Rouse MS, KBC Master Instructor