The Most Effective System For Developing A High Performing All Around Athlete

You Don't Have To Be Born With It To Be An All Star Athlete.

Because We Want To Give The Necessary Individual Attention To Your Athlete, We Only Take 10 New Athletes Into This Program At A Time

So if your athlete is looking to jump higher, move faster, prevent injuries, and become a high(er) performing athlete...

  • And if their not afraid of a little hard work
  • And if they can invest 2-3 hours a week for 6 weeks
  • And their looking to up their play to the next level in every sport


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Hi, My Name Is Coach Joe Rouse

If you are the parent of a young athlete, I think you'll truly appreciate this new program we are kicking off at Breakaway Fitness & Performance.

For youth athletes that want to maximize their potential, Breakaway Fitness & Performance is a group strength & conditioning program that will help them become a high performing athlete by employing a "team like" atmosphere and a college educated staff. We didn't start that way, but it was always in the plans. It has been in the plans since 2012, when I completed my Master's Degree in Kinesiology. You see, I wanted to be able to offer more than just a run of the mill youth training program that:

  • Was more than a program they get at school or other gyms
  • Not only makes them stronger, but prevents injuries
  • Allows the kid to develop into an a high performing athlete to excel in every sport
  • Helps them develop into a healthy adult
  • Doesn't just do drills for the sake of "doing drills"

Over the last few years, my Head Performance Coach, Silas Perreault, and I have experimented with hundreds of elementary, middle school and high school aged athletes and we've developed the most complete program available for your youth athlete.

Whether your athlete is currently crushing every sport they try or are trying to crack the starting lineup, this program is for them:

Introducing the 6 Week All Around Athlete Program

This program is 6 weeks that will truly change your athlete's life and reshape their perspective on what being an all around athlete can do for them. It will not only help them develop the skills to excel in all sports, but it will teach them the necessary knowledge to carry those skills out beyond the field or court of play. Our goal is to develop the youth population in our area into adults who will help spread a healthy view of sport and exercise to future generations.

  • Two age groups to choose from:
  • 10-13 Years Old On Tuesdays and Thursday at 4pm
  • 14-18 Years Old On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm

Here's The Results You Should Expect

  • Increased Ability To Execute Movement With Accuracy That Translates To All Sports

    These days it seems most athletes are overspecialized and undergeneralized. This can be detrimental for physical development and future in a given sport. We want to create an athlete that can physically perform above the rest in multiple sports.

  • Increased Strength As The Foundation To More Speed, Quickness, And Power

    Speed, quickness, and power all involve exerting high levels of force against the ground and other objects or people. We will focus on each of these areas once a solid foundation of strength has been built.

  • A Decreased Risk For Injury And Missed Playing Time

    Most ACL injuries are non-contact and take place due to a poor movement strategy. We teach methods which develop movement strategies that won’t fail them in high pressure situations.

  • All Well Rounded Knowledge In Nutrition For An Active Lifestyle

    Our structured nutritional education system will help your athlete understand what they need to eat and when to maximize game performance.

  • Hit Farther And Throw Harder Than Ever Before

    With a foundation of movement in place, specialized movement patterns are used to improve your athlete’s ability transfer force from their lower body into their upper body, A.K.A. throw, kick, and hit harder than ever before!

  • A Knowledge That Can Be Passed On To The Younger Athletes On Their Teams

    Although our primary purpose is to build your athlete physically, our aim is to build their character as well. Developing the all around athlete is about going beyond the field and being a contributing member to society and setting an example for future athletes.

Here's What You Get

Daily Accountability To Keep Your Athlete Motivated and On Track

Each day of the 6 Week All Around Athlete Program, we’ll be reaching out to you and your athlete through email with special tips to help accelerate your athlete's progress, hold them accountable, and keep them motivated!

Access To Our Group Strength & Conditioning Program

During this 6 Week Program we want your athlete to experience the programming and more importantly, the results we can get your athlete to the fullest extent! Therefore they have the option to access our strength and conditioning programs from 2 to 4 times per week!

Unlimited Access To Our Coaches

Between in person discussions, the private facebook support group, and email, your athlete will have unlimited access to our college educated staff.


Nutritional Coaching To Increase Your Chance For Success Beyond The 6 Weeks

Included in the program is a 2 part educational series held during the 6 weeks. The first is an overview of nutritional habits that serve all athletes. The second is a more specific performance enhancing nutritional session where we help your athlete design a nutritional program just for them, based on their goals.

Performance Assessment

In your athletes initial session we include a series of tests to determine where your athlete is physically and what they should focus on. This helps us improve upon their weaknesses and encourage their strengths.

Movement Success Session

Along with your athlete's performance assessment, we will take 1 full hour to go through the basic movements of our programming so that when your athlete starts training with the group, they will be 100% up to speed and ready to do their best.

Here's What Athletes Like Yours Have To Say About Us

Nathan Gilgo

Nathan Gilgo, Topsail High School Basketball Player

My game now is above and beyond what it was last year as I went from a bench sitter last year to a starter this year. I'm much more of a presence now on the court and my teammates actually want the ball to be in my hands. I can finally consistently dunk, which I could never do before, and I can get rebounds above others with greater ease. I'm also usually the first one down the court and have a much greater endurance than that of last year. I'm very thankful I tried out Breakaway as it helped me to get in the best shape of my life, and I'm sure I will be back after the season ends!

Azia Anderson

Azia Anderson, Topsail High School Volleyball Player

Breakaway fitness helped me in many ways. Silas working so closely with us and pushing us as hard as we could go, really made me stronger in many aspects. I have way better endurance now, my vertical is higher, and I have stronger legs and arms. The workouts we do there are always different, fun, and working out w people my age and being in such a nice, friendly environment while getting stronger has been a great opportunity for me. I am really glad to be apart of this family.

Here's What It Costs

$99.00(Regularly $199. Save 50%)
  • Daily Accountability To Keep You Motivated and On Track
  • 2-4x Per Week Access To Our Group Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Unlimited Access To Our Coaches
  • A 2 Part In Person Nutritional Education Series
  • Performance Assessment
  • Movement Success Session


Imagine what it will be like 6 weeks from now when your athlete can run faster and jump higher OR walk out onto the field/court as a Captain and compete at a high level.

Don’t let your athlete spend another second frustrated with a lack of results from their current efforts. They deserve better. Their solution is right here, right now, so take action today.


  • Q.Who Is This Program For?

    A.This program is for youth athletes from ages 11-18 looking to take the next step in their training and in their game performance.

  • Q.What Does This Program Include

    A.Daily motivational emails with weekly videos to help keep your athlete pumped up and focused on their goals. Personalized accountability and nutritional counseling. Access to our group strength & conditioning program. Unlimited access to our coaches.

  • Q.When And Where Is This Program Available?

    A.Middle school aged athletes on Tues and Thurs at 4pm, High school aged athletes on Mon, Weds, and Fri at 4pm, and Saturdays at 10am speed, agility, and quickness session.

  • Q.What If My Athlete Doesn't Get Results?

    A.If your athlete isn’t satisfied with their results that line up their efforts with our efforts, we will give you full purchase price back. No questions asked.

  • Q.What Happens After The Program?

    A.If your athlete would like to continue to train with us, we will have membership options available to you for them. Our most successful athletes train with us year-round, even in season. This is where the magic happens and consistency is built for long term success.

  • Q.This Program Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

    A.Simply click the button below and complete the registration form. Don’t let your athlete spend another second frustrated with their lack of results from their current efforts. They deserve better. Your solution is right here, right now, so take action today.


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