How Would You Like to Discover the Secrets to Becoming a Better and More Powerful Jumper, Making Your Young Athlete the Most Dangerous Player on the Court?

In our Vertical Jump Clinic, we will unveil all of our jump training secrets that will have your athlete:

  • Jumping higher than ever without the risk of injury
  • Landing with a lower risk of injury
  • Jumping with the proper mechanics
  • Improving efficiency to preserve their energy and keep them on the court longer

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Hi, My Name Is Coach Joe Rouse

Dominant jumping skills are the #1 most overlooked component to athletic success. And although it is commonly believed that jumping ability can’t be taught, that is 100% wrong!

In our recent poll of hundreds of coaches, the attribute they rated highest in terms of skills essential for top performance was power production, which is the biggest factor in jumping ability. I have yet to meet a coach who thought an athlete was TOO powerful or jumped TOO high.

Unfortunately, more and more coaches and athletes are prescribing to the belief that jumping ability is innate and can’t be trained. Worse yet, coaches and trainers refuse to acknowledge that a significant percentage of ligamentous knee injuries (especially in young women) are due to improper landing technique, which is entirely preventable. That is why athletes must turn to intelligent training to ensure their performance—and their protection.

The problem with the typical jumping training is that most trainers go about it the wrong way. They run the athletes to no end and have them perform countless series of jumps. The high-volume approach does little more than tire them out, in many cases reinforcing improper technique due to fatigue. A tired athlete is an athlete at risk for injury, with knee injuries being among the most serious.

At Breakaway Fitness & Performance, we understand what it takes to transform an athlete’s jumping potential, that all-important skill that transfers into speed, quickness, and agility. There are 3 components to our philosophy:


  • Teach an athlete to develop more power
  • Work on body control for proper landing to be ready for the next play AND prevent serious injury
  • Develop systemic and specific strength to increase power production

In our Vertical Jump Clinic, your young athlete will learn techniques and skills that will help them reach their fullest potential on the field or court! We will unveil all of our power production secrets that will have them:

  • Jumping higher than ever without the risk of injury
  • Becoming a “natural” at jumping and lunging
  • Increase the rate of power production so an athlete is prepared for each play
  • Improving efficiency to preserve their energy and keep them on the court longer
  • Increase reactive jumping ability to enable better performance in a dynamic setting—such as a full-speed practice or game

So if you are looking for a program that is designed to take your athlete to the next level and have them soaring above the competition, look no further: The Breakaway Vertical Jump Clinic is your BEST solution!

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Here's What Athletes Like Yours Have To Say About Us

Nathan Gilgo

Nathan Gilgo, Topsail High School Basketball Player

My game now is above and beyond what it was last year as I went from a bench sitter last year to a starter this year. I'm much more of a presence now on the court and my teammates actually want the ball to be in my hands. I can finally consistently dunk, which I could never do before, and I can get rebounds above others with greater ease. I'm also usually the first one down the court and have a much greater endurance than that of last year. I'm very thankful I tried out Breakaway as it helped me to get in the best shape of my life, and I'm sure I will be back after the season ends!

Azia Anderson

Azia Anderson, Topsail High School Volleyball Player

Breakaway fitness helped me in many ways. Silas working so closely with us and pushing us as hard as we could go, really made me stronger in many aspects. I have way better endurance now, my vertical is higher, and I have stronger legs and arms. The workouts we do there are always different, fun, and working out w people my age and being in such a nice, friendly environment while getting stronger has been a great opportunity for me. I am really glad to be apart of this family.

Breakaway Fitness & Performance Vertical Jump Clinic

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Life is so different for me now. I am stronger physically and mentally. My clothes fit better, although I had to buy new clothes because nothing fit anymore hahaha. I sleep better, have more energy and can think clearer. I have met new friends that share their wonderful stories. I don't carry a feeling of guilt around with me from eating bad or being lazy. I have more confidence with a stronger sense of self worth. As a woman that is an important thing. My overall outlook is more positive. I truly can say that I love myself now. I am proud of how far I have come.

Emily Tisdial




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