November Member Spotlight


Core Values Expressed: Hard Work and Support

Liam and Michelle are an absolute blast to work with! Let’s start with Michelle. Michelle is a runner at heart. She’s been a runner for years and hasn’t done too much intense weight lifting. Now that she is a #BFPFamily Member, Michelle is crushing the weights and running! She has found ways to keep running a priority but also build strength. She works harder than just about anyone around in every session she’s in. She might just be a little competitive 😉 . She has got her sights set on crushing some Spartan Races in 2018 and I have NO DOUBT THAT SHE WILL! I’m looking forward to seeing Michelle win one of those races with her 7min mile pace! Oh yeah, of course, she’s completely altered her body composition since starting at BFP! Michelle has dropped bodyfat and since upping her protein intake, packed on lean muscle!

Liam. This guy is unique let me tell ya. I believe he’s from Ireland. Pretty interesting hahaha. Of course, I think you can tell based on the picture that Liam loves to have fun. He takes his training very seriously and gets after it but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. This is exactly what we go for here at #BFP! Liam was similar to his wife in that he is a cyclist. Now he is a weight lifting cyclist! Liam has a strong deadlift and squat and has really come along way with nutrition and body composition as a result of getting after it in our quarterly challenges. Most importantly, Liam and Michelle are great people. Everyone who is around them enjoys being around them and they literally lift the energy of a room when they are in it. They are great parents as well. Liam and Michelle, thanks for being awesome!!!



Core values Expressed: Hard Work and Dedication

This month I want to recognize Mary-Clare Farrell as our athlete of the month at Breakaway
Fitness and Performance. I recognized her a while back with athlete of the month, but she has
stepped her game up tremendously since then. I cannot say enough about how much of a joy
she is to coach. MC is passionate about fitness/nutrition and is setting herself up for a healthy
lifestyle beyond high school. She recently participated in our 6 week challenge and crushed it!
She dropped BF% and gained muscle! That’s dedication, especially for a high school student.
On top of working hard, MC is a big time leader. Not so much a vocal leader, but she leads by
example. One of the “house rules” is that if anyone leaves weights, barbells, or whatever else
out and I have to pick up after the session, that as a group everyone will have to do burpees. I
see her consistently picking up weights after each session, putting things back that others have
left out and always willing to lend a helping hand. I see it and appreciate it as a coach.
MC, keep up the hard work and congrats on being athlete of the month, again!

Strength Coach,
Silas Perreault