October Member Spotlight

BFP Family Member Of The Month: Mary Lessard

Core Values Exhibited: Support & Hard Work

Mary has had this coming for a long time! Every single time Mary shows up at BFP to train you WILL HEAR HER VOICE! Mary is a force when she trains. She gives it her absolute all every single time she is in the gym. Her goal is to get a little better every workout and that is clear.

The coolest thing about Mary is how she offers support to others at BFP. Mary truly shines in this area. Every single time she is there, no matter if she is running laps outside or pushing some weights, she is lifting someone else up. “Come on you got it” “Keep pushing you are almost there!”. These are all regulars in Mary’s vocabulary each and every time she is at the gym.

It truly lifts the spirits of everyone around her and drives them to push a little bit harder than they were before.

Literally from the moment I walked in the gym one day, Mary was literally holding a wall sit position and encouraging someone else who was finishing up another part of their workout.

Mary, you really stood out to all of us coaches and we want you to know how much we greatly appreciate you supporting others in the BFP Family and working as hard as you can every single session!!

Thanks for being awesome!!


Joe Rouse

BFP Athlete Of The Month:  Landon Lankford

Core Value Exhibited:  Passion

This month I want to recognize Landon Lankford as our athlete of the month at Breakaway Fitness and Performance. Landon plays baseball and shows his passion for it constantly. He trains in our middle school group and rocks it out every time he is here. Landon was pretty straightforward when he first started, one could say a man of few words.

Fast forwards to today, now he is jumping around everywhere, giving his fellow peers the strikeout motion, or dropping
a dance move to a beat. I have really enjoyed watching him open up and bring the energyevery session.

Not to mention, when he arrives, his shirt is already soaked in sweat. He apparently has gym class for his last period at school and goes all out. I love it!

Along with his work ethic, he is very coachable. I appreciate his questions and it shows me that he wants to get better. Landon, keep up the hard work and congrats on being athlete of the month!

Strength Coach,
Silas Perreault