September Client of the Month and Athlete of the Month

Each month, Breakaway Fitness and Performance recognizes a client of the month and athlete of the month who have went above and beyond to crush their goals!  This month we could like to recognize Jimmy Wright as client of the month and Annalee Hart as athlete of the month.  Keep up the great work!!

BFP Family Member Of The Month: Jimmy Wright

Core Value Expressed: Constant Progress and Support

As you can see here in the pictures, Jimmy is either all smiles or all work.This guy is a freakin blast to work with because of those reasons. He has fun working hard but if he isn’t working hard, Jimmy is still having fun!

Back over a year ago when Jimmy first started, a sit up and hanging from a bar was a challenge. He came in with chronic back pain as well.

Now, Jimmy is a rockstar! Jimmy, as you can see, has gotten a ton stronger and has become a BIG part of our culture here at #BFP. We are recognizing Jimmy not only for his constant progress but also for the level of support he provides to others.

Several times I have personally witnessed Jimmy staying after a session to encourage folks working through the next session. I’ve also watched him encourage everyone around him which really lifts the spirits of everyone in the group.

Jimmy, thanks for being a part of the #BFPFamily and for always bringing your best to every session. Keep being awesome man!

Coach Joe


Athlete of the Month: Annalee Hart

Core Value: Passion

This month I want to recognize Annalee as our athlete of the month at Breakaway Fitness and Performance.  She has only been training with us for about 2-3 months and has been a joy to coach.  I am still getting to know her, but I can’t deny that she is super motivated and focused on her training.  Annalee comes in and gets to work, no questions asked.

Annalee is a sophomore at Topsail.  She loves softball and plays a very tough position, catcher. She has aspirations to play college softball and I have no doubt that she can make it!  She also plays basketball, which is the greatest sport ever! (I am very bias to basketball).

Annalee, keep working hard and congrats on being athlete of the month!

Strength Coach,
Silas Perreault