The BIGGER Picture


I have had some time to reflect after coming back from an amazing fitness summit about 2 months ago. It was the 2017 IYCA Summit, which took place in Detroit.  I always embrace the opportunity to surround myself with like minded individuals and I got to do it for 3 whole days!  A lot of hands on and networking with other fitness professionals really helped me dial in on where my passion is being focused, which is the youth.  Don’t get me wrong, I love working with our adults, but the youth of today need fitness more than ever.

A little background on the IYCA, it is an organization that prides itself with working and collaborating with fitness professionals, coaches, and trainers.  We all share the same passion, which is developing the youth of today.  Now when I say the word “youth”, I am referring to elementary school through college aged kids.  Very wide range of ages (6-18).  The IYCA’s approach is to create great athletes who have a chance to be successful in the long haul.  This can be done by a using a model called the long term athletic development (LTAD).  The idea behind the LTAD is to address the needs of athletes at each stage of development.  For instance, an 8 year old is not going to be doing the same type of training as a 15 year old.  They are at different stages of development so the needs are different.  Makes sense, right?  This model keeps kids engaged and interested in fitness, which transfers over to whichever sports they play.

I have applied this model to my coaching because I believe in it!  I program differently for the middle school and high school groups, simply because they are at different stages in their lives.  At the same time, I want to create an amazing experience for any kid who steps into our facility.  This is why I go to these workshops/conferences and do a bunch of continuing education.  It’s to better myself, so I can be the best “me” for each kid.  Another way we can create an amazing experience is by creating a culture that is based on support and hard work.  Similar to a family.  Our “house rules” for our youth are as stated.

  1. When someone has the floor, everyone’s ears are open.

  2. We build each other up when someone makes a mistake.

  3. We do everything with %110 effort.

  4. Pick up after yourself.

A couple of the “house rules” are simply about respect for each other and the facility, but I wanted to focus on #2 and #3.  When we can build each other up and work hard, everything else falls into place.

To make my point, the bigger picture is not always about achieving tangible goals, such as a six pack or an undefeated season.  Yeah, that is all great, but the bigger picture goes beyond high school sports.  I want to impact each kid and help them be successful in living a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, our mission at Breakaway Fitness and Performance is to help your athlete reach their fullest potential and enjoy fitness, so in the future, they have the tools to live a healthy lifestyle.    That’s the golden ticket, jackpot or whatever you want to call it!


Strength Coach,

Silas Perreault

I grew up in Northern Michigan in a small town called Harbor Springs. I attended Alpena Community College where I had the opportunity to play basketball and earn my Associate’s of Arts degree. I then moved to the great state of North Carolina, where I located to Wilmington. I finished my undergrad at UNCW in 2012 where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. Upon graduation, I became certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). In 2014, I have gone through testing to become a Certified High School Strength & Conditioning Coach (HSSCC) as well as a Level 1 USA Weightlifting Coach. I have experience with a wide range of clientele from kids, high school/collegiate athletes, to the older adult. In my spare time, I enjoy being active whether it is surfing, hiking, or lacing up the Nike’s to play some basketball!