Strength Training All Moms Should Do

Moms rock! My 2 of my most favorite people in the world are moms. My wife and mother of my child and of course, my mother!

But enough about me. I wanted to write this blog specifically for you. Hopefully, a mom! I received a few requests from some of our super awesome moms here at Breakaway Fitness & Performance to write about the strength training we do here and how it relates to being a mom, or maybe even……. Making you a super mom! Chances are, if you are a mom, you are already pretty super none the less.

At Breakaway, we focus on getting stronger specifically on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We call our group training sessions on those days “Strength For The Everyday Athlete”. Whether you play golf or volleyball on the weekends, or you are a mom carrying groceries in one hand and a carseat with a baby in the other hand, OUR STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM IS FOR YOU! In fact if you are interested, we have a special Mother’s Day Deal running this week!

Some great examples are as follows:

Just the other day one of my clients who trains consistently with us 4-6 days a week sent me this:
“I had to pick an almost 4ft tall, stiff as a board, passed out on floor child last night, and put her in her bed. Deadlifting regularly prepares me for strenuous “mom” movements. I was able to protect my back and use my legs.”

With deadlifts, we focus on training you to lift a heavy weight, ideally from the floor, utilizing your entire backside. Primarily the glutes and the hamstrings. There is also a ton of core work being done to keep the spine in a solid position. You see, through a movement like the deadlift, we learn to move from the hips and stabilize the spine. We make the booty AND core stronger! This is a great recipe for many other activities a Super Mom might run into. Activities like the one mentioned above. Lifting a 4ft tall kid in a deep sleep and placing them in their bed. Or maybe something as simple as safely picking up a laundry basket full of clothes!

For a video on proper deadlifting technique, check out this video I completed:

2) Farmers Carries

Another comment I got from a client recently was:

“Farmers carrying groceries. Squatting with a baby on the hip to pick up what they’ve dropped for the 100th time. I think so many times women are afraid of lifting because they think it’s only for people who want to gain (muscle). But it’s truly for the everyday!!”

We include different variations of carries every week at Breakaway. Carries not only help to improve grip strength but when completed in a single sided fashion, they challenge the heck out of your core. This is great and all but the best part is is that the challenge to the core is functional! We have to stabilize our spine while carrying uneven loads every day! Training for that movement leads to making it easier in everyday life. Just consider the statement above!

For a video on several different variations of carries from our Lead Performance Coach Silas Perreault, see below!

Of course, these aren’t the only exercises we do that benefit moms. Everything we do here can help contribute to you being a SuperMom!

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